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G4TV - Attack This (July 2009)
Olivia Munn runs down the best places on the web to occupy your time at work, including a hidden browser—all in the name of not doing work while at work!

Watch now on! (July 2009)
"Double Vision is one of the best web browsers for this kind of thing - it lets you view and interact with two applications at the same time, without having to switch windows again and again."

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"...What makes the software so special is that you can control the transparency of the browser window and continue to interact with whatever application it's partially blocking out..."

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the How-To Geek (February 2009)
"...If you are a person who doesn't like to actually work while at work, then this might be the perfect utility for you!"

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Best Top Software Reviews (January 2010)
"...this software is particularly useful for all those workaholics out there who also needs some recreation in between their work."

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