• Web video viewer!
  • Click through video!
  • Transparent web!
  • Quick Hide!
  • Auto Mute on Quick Hide!
  • Double Vision Mode!
  • Custom transparency levels!


  • Watch and perform tutorials
  • Be stealth at work in Double Vision mode
  • Increased productivity as you regain screen real-estate
  • Improved ability to multi-task

Double the Efficiency!

"With Double Vision I can now watch my favorite TV shows while I'm working and it doesn't interfere." -Alex Curtis

Double the Productivity!

"Now I can watch tutorials and instructional videos at the same time as I perform the steps!" -Jill Graikert.

Double the Stealth!

"While I am bored at work I like to occasionally watch a tv show or some videos...now I can't get caught!" -CJ Clakovich

Double Vision 3.0! New release now available...

*Special Launch Promotion!
The purchase of 3.0 “Pro” includes 3 activation codes.
Upgrade your computer @home, @work, give one to a friend!

Feature Comparison - The best just got better. Search Bar, Snap IT!, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Choose Your Start Page, Player Skinning, Ad Free, Page History.
There are two versions of Double Vision 3.0: “Pro” and “Lite

Double Vision 3.0Pro” comes with a free 21 day trial period. No cost to check out all the great new features like Snap It!, Custom Start Page, and Skinning.

When your 21 day free trial period ends, the product will automatically become Double Vision 3.0Lite”. Still completely free to use and enjoy, but with some features disabled (see chart above). We also include advertising** in the “Lite” version to help offset our development costs.

If you decide you like the features in Double Vision 3.0Pro” you can upgrade at any time! Just select “Upgrade” in the Help menu or click Buy 3.0 Pro on this website.
** Advertising in 3.0 “Lite” may include the following:
  • Portal Page banner ad and video placement.
  • Bottom Status Bar text ads.
  • Double Vision Mode overlay. Advertisement will appear for a short duration each time you “Go Double Vision”, and intermittantly there-after.