• Web video viewer!
  • Click through video!
  • Transparent web!
  • Quick Hide!
  • Auto Mute on Quick Hide!
  • Double Vision Mode!
  • Custom transparency levels!


  • Watch and perform tutorials
  • Be stealth at work in Double Vision mode
  • Increased productivity as you regain screen real-estate
  • Improved ability to multi-task

Double the Efficiency!

"With Double Vision I can now watch my favorite TV shows while I'm working and it doesn't interfere." -Alex Curtis

Double the Productivity!

"Now I can watch tutorials and instructional videos at the same time as I perform the steps!" -Jill Graikert.

Double the Stealth!

"While I am bored at work I like to occasionally watch a tv show or some videos...now I can't get caught!" -CJ Clakovich

Welcome to Double Vision!

Completely FREE software that lets you watch video and surf the web in a transparent browser. "Go Double Vision" and you can click through the browser to your open applications and work seemlessly. For more infomation, view our FAQs.

How Does It Work?


G4TV - Attack This (July 2009)
Olivia Munn runs down the best places on the web to occupy your time at work, including a hidden browser—all in the name of not doing work while at work!

Watch now on G4TV.com!

CNET.com Webware Review (July 2009)
"...What makes the software so special is that you can control the transparency of the browser window and continue to interact with whatever application it's partially blocking out..."

Read full review on CNET.com.


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